5 use case of RPA in education

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top 5 use case rpa-education

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RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the technology of software robots being programmed to mimicking and undertake some of human daily task. They usually do the time-consuming and menial processes. This allow the workload of the staff to be reduced, as well as the accuracy of the tasks to be maximized.

In education, where the student ratio to staff was often disproportionate, RPA can reduce the workload of the school’s employee.

In this article we will cover the top 5 use cases of RPA in education in more detail 


1. Course registration

RPA bots can be scheduled to be send a mobile notification or email reminder to students to register for the courses. It then matches the student’s profile to the university for their financial and academi9c situation. If there are prerequisites required for the courses, the RPA bot can check the student’s registration history to see if they have met them. If all boxes are checked positively, a seat is saved.

Especially at universities where the student-to-staff ratio is disproportionately high, outsourcing these insignificant task to bots can reduce the workload and time of administrative staff. This then allow them to spend their productive time helping the students with more pressing matters, such as advisory or financial planning.


2. Attendance Management

 Some lecturer assign a portion of a student’s grade based on their attendance in the courses. For online courses in particular, RPA bots can be programmed to pick the student’s name from the attendance list each session. They could then place a check mark next to their name for class attendance that day.

Attendance management is a fundamental and time-consuming element of classroom management. Automation is a simple but accurate method that will streamline the process. Because the data is digitalized, the lecturer can instantly transfer attendance data into spreadsheet to gain actionable insights. This then can help him or her to change the curriculum to make it more engaging. Or it could be used in performance evaluations by university administrators.


3. Processing Transcript

RPA bots can use screen scraping or OCR to follow a chain of command to gather and input all assessment grades of a student, their teacher’s comment about their progress, and any supplementary information, on to their end of term report card.

This is especially useful for high school senior who are applying to university as the data in report card was a real-time databased.


4. Personalizing the learning experience

 On online learning, RPA-enabled software applications can be used to create personalize teaching paths for each student, by leveraging the exam scores, likes, hobbies, attendance information, and more. The students themselves could ask an RPA-Chatbot, for instance, for help in a certain topic, and the chatbot will gather all the useful information, by scrapping the school’s library database or the teacher notes, on command.


5. Counseling

Healthcare technology are becoming more popular these days such as Naluri. And there is, unfortunately, growing concerns over student’s mental health in college campuses. Universities can leverage RPA-enabler emotional chatbots that can listen to student’s and direct to live agents if certain keyword is triggered.

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